*Please note:The above and below-mentioned rates are not ROSCO Trading Int'l Ltd. rates. They are mid-market rates derived from the mid-point between the "buy" and "sell" rates from global currency markets for the purpose of client information only. To obtain our rates, please contact us at 416-229-0000.

At ROSCO Trading International Ltd. you receive the below services with the best exchange rate. Our rates are based on real-time pricing, whereas the most financial institutions set their rates once a day. This allows us to offer you better rates.


Foreign Currency Exchange

ROSCO Trading International Ltd. converts all major currencies at unbeatable rates.
Please call us for the best exchange rate at 416-229-0000. To hold the rate and the currency of your choice you must first call and book the rate over the phone. For larger orders, a deposit may be required.
For your convenience we sell foreign currency
in a variety of forms:
We also accept various forms
of payment:




Wire Transfer
We conduct local and international wire transactions, in various currency types, for both individual and retail/ corporate clients with the best exchange rates. Whether you need to make a payment or receive funds, large or small, ROSCO Trading International Ltd. will manage the transfer quickly and efficiently.
Please note that ROSCO Trading International Ltd., does not transfer funds to restricted countries and territores. Please contact our central office in Toronto to ascertain if your intended country is included in these restriction. Please refrain from forwarding funds before contacting our office

Book Rate Ahead
To lock-in rates for upcoming business transactions and avoid currency rate fluctuations we offer our clients to book the rate ahead of time.


Order of Currencies Not In Stock
At ROSCO Trading International Ltd., we can order most currencies that are not in stock. The order will take only one business day to prepare.
Please note that you are required to provide a deposit as part of the process.
Contact us today for the currency you need at the best rate!