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Money Laundering Prevention
ROSCO Trading International Ltd. has developed anti-money laundering policies to ensure that company personnel comply with applicable laws and regulations when engaging in foreign exchange services to clients.

ROSCO Trading International Ltd. adheres to the International Money Laundering Abatement and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act of 2001 and regulations based on that legislation. The company's anti-money laundering policies and procedures are designed to meet the requirements of the legislation by minimizing the opportunity for customers to engage in money laundering activities through transactions in the Forex markets.

What am I asked to do?
You may find that you are asked to confirm your identity and other personal details. ROSCO Trading International Ltd. has established special verification systems involving your bank account or payment card to prove your identity. To safeguard the integrity of our payment system, your ROSCO Trading International Ltd. account may also be subject to periodic transaction limits depending on your user status.

You could be asked to confirm your identity whether you are applying to be a new customer or have been a customer for some time. While our identity verification systems are designed to minimize any inconvenience to you, the verification process may take several days to complete.

Crime and terrorism needs cash. Criminals turn the "dirty" cash made from drug trafficking, smuggling, and robbery into clean money by using false identities or taking the names of innocent people - like you. Making sure that people are who they say they are is essential in the fight against crime and terrorism. This does not mean in any way that suspicion is falling on you. Any information about your identity is held confidentially and will help stop your identity being used falsely.

Who is involved?
Government and all organizations involved in financial services, are all are united in their determination to stop the spread of financial crime as part of the international effort to crack down on financial crime - protecting us all against crime and terrorism.
Your co-operation is vital to the successful fight against crime and terrorism.

Your co-operation is vital to the successful fight against crime and terrorism.

  • We may be required to verify your identity and address.
  • We are required to keep full records of all transactions together with identification provided.
  • We are required to monitor any unusual or suspicious transactions of any size.
  • We have a legal obligation to report to the government of Canada any suspicious transaction.

Identification Requirements 
In accordance with Canadian Federal Law, identification must be presented of all cash transactions equal to or exceeding $3000 Canadian Dollars in value. Acceptable forms of identification include passport, driver's license, birth certificate, permanent resident card, or similar government issued identification. Ontario Health card can not be accepted. All identification must be current and original (no photocopies). Credit Cards are not considered proper identification. Furthermore, all cash transactions equal to or exceeding $10,000 Canadian Dollars, must include a declaration completed by the customer. For a complete description of the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis and Canadian Federal Law requirements please visit FINTRAC (The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) Website at:

The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, or FINTRAC, is Canada's financial intelligence unit, a specialized agency created to collect, analyze and disclose financial information and intelligence on suspected money laundering and terrorist activities financing . Created in July 2000, the Centre is an integral part of our country's engagement in the global fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities.

ROSCO Trading International Ltd. is fully committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information in order to provide you with the services you have requested and to determine whether you meet the criteria of the service which you have selected.

Privacy Policy
We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully. ROSCO Trading International Ltd. will not pass your details to any third party that does not have a legal right to request access to such data. Your privacy is considered in all aspects of our business. We maintain systems to protect the security of your information and to protect your information from unauthorized access.